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Greenway Home Products is leading the way in today’s world of Energy Star rated Water Dispensers.

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Greenway Home Products is leading the way in today’s world of Energy Star rated Water Dispensers. 

We have always been conscious of the amount of energy our products use, states Laura Greenway, Director of Product Development & Compliance. We continue to push the design and be innovative in our technology to ensure our products are well below the Energy Star Guidelines. We want to be part of the solution for a greener planet. Greenway is taking the green approach to have all of their water dispensers rated within the guidelines that Energy Star sets out. For the Hot and Cold units the guideline is <1.2 kw-h/day and for a Room and Cold unit its <.16kw-h/day.

Greenway designs and manufactures water dispensers under several brand names, including Greenway, Vitapur, Polar and MaxxPlus by WaterMaxx.  Under the Greenway brand name all the water dispensers including the countertop units are Energy Star rated.  For the Vitapur water dispenser line of the 30 water dispensers tested all 30 have been recognized as meeting the Energy Star guidelines and are well below the guidelines. The Polar line also has all of its full size models and countertop models Energy Star rated. Greenway has consistently been driving its product line towards energy efficient products.

The newest innovation Greenway has put forth is their patented hot water on demand system. Its referred to as EZ Heat for the Greenway Line,  Insta Hot on their Vitapur brand line and the Kettle feature on the Polar Line. This feature once activated provides hot water to the consumer only when pressed. In the original hot water tank, the water is cycled between temperatures of 78° and 85°. Depending on when you dispensed your hot water, the temperature would vary.  This older technology also cycled the water 24 hours a day. For the typical average family, heating water between the hours of 9am to 5pm and 11pm to 7am was inefficient. With the new Greenway EZ heat products the water is steaming hot at 92° within 2-3 minutes of the button being pressed. It is calculated that this feature is 31.5% more energy efficient than the traditional hot tank water dispensers. This innovative design is leading the Greenway name into the eco-energy world that today’s consumers are craving for. 

Not only does Greenway produce a line of full-size water dispensers that come with or without a storage compartment, with or without a fridge and in any finish imaginable from stainless steel to matte black to traditional white, it has also launched itself into the world of countertop models. Consumers want a sleek unit that isn’t cumbersome in their kitchen, office or gym, yet they still want all the features of a full size unit. Many consumers have space issues, and countertop space is at a premium, says Greenway.  We challenged our design team to keep the features, keep the Insta-Hot. And to top it off we added a bit a colour. In the Vitapur Designer Series, the units can be found in Black, Blue, Green or Red. Appliances are not hidden away anymore they are becoming part of the accent pieces for any home. What we have developed is a compact countertop unit with our Insta Hot feature that has the features of a full-size unit yet easily fits on your kitchen counter. And the added bonus it is 36.8% of the Energy Star guideline. As consumers become more and more aware of how much energy everyday items use we want to ensure we have a product line that suits their needs, states Greenway.

Greenway’s continual search for green products and to further expand their line, led them to develop the GWF-7 Filtration system. Bottled Water works for many individuals; however, society is now looking for alternatives. Bottled water can be costly; it has also a negative eco- impact on recycling. The cost to bottle, transport, and recycle the plastic bottles is becoming a cost issue for many municipalities.  The GWF-7 is a reservoir system that sits on top of any dispenser and uses regular tap water. There is a replaceable filter within the unit, that is changed about every 6 months (800L or 211g). When you compare this to the cost of bottled water, it is a fraction of the price, at an average annual cost of $0.15/L (USD). This filter was specifically designed and engineered to effectively reduce chlorine taste and odor. The GWF-7 filtration reservoir system is manufactured out of resistant yet eco-friendly SAN plastic.

With the continual increase in the age of the population, many individuals cannot lift the water bottles onto their unit. This filtration system allows anyone to fill the system with a pitcher, no matter the age.  It’s easy, it’s fast, it’s economical and produces great tasting water. Greenway is still in the development stages of other environmentally friendly products to further develop their Green product line.

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