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Water Treatment FAQs

  • Water is leaking onto my floor after I installed the Water Filtration System

    If your GWF7 or VWF7 filtration system is leaking
    Is the unit perfectly level ? if not, the float might not be rising properly.
    Is there anything in the reservoir which might interfere with the normal functioning of the float ? For example, ice, or loose parts floating in the water ?

    On dispensers with a flat roof, have you removed the bottle support ring from the top of the unit ? If not, your filtration system may be sitting too high to let the float engage.

    On dispensers with a sloping roof, leave the bottle support ring in place, but remove the bottle cap piercing valve from the center, as it can interfere with the function of the float.

    Have you just recently changed filter ? There may be some carbon particles in the lower chamber which are stopping the float from sealing. Check for carbon dust.

    If you have had your filtration system for a year or more, there may be some minerals attached to the silicone seal on the float, preventing it from sealing tightly. If so, a new float may be obtained from Customer Service.
    If your VBF6 system is leaking, ensure that both the filter and the refill cap are firmly in place. Do not over-tighten.

  • Water will not filter

    Water will not filter through GWF7 or VWF7 filtration system

    There is an air bubble in the filter which is stopping the water from passing through. To remove it, just take the top container off, give it a slight shake, and run some water through it in your kitchen sink.When you see that it is running freely again, replace it on your filter system.

    The bottle support ring may be in the wrong place. It should sit on top of the 7 litre container, and the 5 litre container should be placed on top of it. Some people put the 5 litre jar on top of the 7 litre jar, and use the support ring on top of that to hold the lid. This causes the water not to flow through the filter properly.

    Do not add water to the upper chamber if the lower chamber is full.
    Greenway multi-stage filter may need to be replaced.

  • I did not receive the Pre Filtration Discs shown on the parts list in the Owner’s Manual

    They are included, but factory sealed in the Pre-Filtration Basket and cannot be separated. Multi Stage Replacement Filter come with a new set of factory sealed Particulate Discs.

  • There appears to be some harmless carbon particles in my water when getting started

    It is very important to soak the filter in cold tap water for 30 minutes before using then run filter under cold tap 5 min. to rinse out carbon dust. It is possible that some carbon dust may appear in your first few glasses of water.This water should be discarded.

  • How long will it take for the water to filter through?

    It takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes to process the initial batch of water. Using water from the dispenser while filtering will increase the processing time.

  • The Greenway Filtration System does not fit my water dispenser

    The Greenway Filtration System is designed to fit all Vitapur®, Greenway® and Polar® water dispensers and most other major brands. Most dispensers have a bottle support that has to be removed or remove the piercing valve. If you are having difficulty removing the bottle support, it is possible there is no bottle support to be removed. Please contact the manufacturer of your water dispenser or refer to your water dispenser owner’s manual.

  • What do I do if I am going away of vacation?

    When not using the Greenway Filtration System for more than a week or when going on vacation, always drain out any residual water. Rinse out the bottle when ready to start using it again. If the Greenway Filtration System has not been used for an extended period of time, please replace the filter and rinse out the bottle.

  • Where can I buy the replacement filters?

    Replacement filters are available at your local dealer or online at

  • What is the warranty on the Greenway Filtration System?

    Greenway Home Products warrants your Filtration System for 1 year from the original date of purchase. The warranty is available to the original purchaser and is non transferable. The filter is not covered under warranty.