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Ice Maker FAQs

  • The compressor works abnormally with a buzzing noise.

    Stop the ice maker and do not restart it until the voltage is normal

  • Water shortage indicator light is on

    Press the stop button, fill with water, wait 3 minutes and press the start button to restart. There are two silver screws inside the reservoir with wires attached, and the water level should be below these.

  • Ice full indicator light is on

    Take out some ice

  • Indicator lights on display are not on

    Replace fuse or reset circuit breaker in your home.
    Turn power on

  • Both "add water" and "ice full" indicators are on

    Check for blocked ice cubes.

    The problem may be that the ice shovel is not hanging properly. i.e. the left side shovel hinge is binding and raising the shovel which prevents the ice from sliding clear of the water tray.

    Some ice pieces may be carried over to the next cycle creating a jam. Make sure the shovel is in the correct position.

    In the upper right hand corner on the back wall of the unit, inside, there is a water spout and a wire which is supposed to be directly in the stream when the machine is filling. If the water does not touch this sensor, the evaporator does not cool to make the ice. To fix this, look at the inlet tube and find the wire nearby. Bend the wire so that it is directly in the path of the water as it enters the reservoir. If there is anything on the wire, such as a piece of lint from a cleaning cloth, remove it as it prevents the sensor from operating accurately.

  • The ice cubes are too large with pieces sticking together

    Stop the machine and reset the ice making time. Restart the machine after turning unit off.
    If the ice is forming in one large block, this indicates that the silver prongs of the evaporator are too deep in the water. The evaporator can be bent upwards slightly to raise the prongs. The evaporator should be level.

  • Conditions for ice making cycle are right but no ice is made.

    Call for service
    There could be a loss of refrigerant

  • Flashing red lights

    The low water sensor is in the back right corner above the water tray. There is wire that cuts the water stream coming out of the metal tube as it fills the tray. If this isn’t happening bend the wire. If you remove the ice basket you will see two wires and screws, water level should always be below these screws. When both the low water and ice full lights are flashing, this is the jam signal. If this happens without ice it may be a board problem or related to the micro switches at the end of the water tray, either their position or loose connection to the board.

    Sometimes an ice shovel out of position can cause a jam.

  • Tray will not dump the ice into the basket

    At the end of the ice making cycle the water tray will dump and a solenoid valve will open making a whooshing sound. This is the backflow of hot refrigerant that warms the fingers and the ice falls. If this is not happening there could be a solenoid problem. Call for Service.

  • It is normal for the compressor and condenser surfaces to reach temperatures between 70°C and 90°C during operation and surrounding areas may be hot to the touch.

    Due to fast freezing, ice cubes may appear “cloudy”. This is trapped air in the water and does not affect the taste or quality of the ice.

    When defrosting or leaving the unit turned off, prop and leave the door open at least two inches. This allows air to dry the inside of the cabinet, reducing the chance for mildew.

  • Why is my ice maker unit hot to the touch?

    It is normal for the compressor and condenser surfaces to reach temperatures between 70°C and 90°C during operation and surrounding areas may be hot to the touch.