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Greenway Home Products is leading the way in today’s world of Energy Star rated Water Dispensers.

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Water Dispensers

Buying a Water Cooler can be quite overwhelming with all the finishes features – but at Greenway we want to make it easy for you.
Just answer these questions:

1.    How many people will be using the water cooler?
A – 1-2 persons - we recommend a countertop model
A-    A family or more – we recommend a full size unit

2.    Would you like our Instant Hot water Feature? (Do you like to have a quick cup of boiling water in minutes with the press of a button?)
Yes—- We recommend a Hot, Room, Cold Model – with one of our Patent Pending Hot Water features. With the press of a button you’ll have instant hot water in minutes – and we’ll save you up to 70% in energy costs with our unit.
No – We recommend a Room/Cold Model – it provides room temperature water as well as cold water where you set the thermostat.

3.    Do you require a refrigerated compartment?
Yes – We have a variety of models that store fruit, pop, and much more – you can choose which one you prefer.
No - That’s great – now you know what you need in a water cooler.

4.    Do you want a standalone system or a plumbed in system?
Standalone – then you can pick out one of our water dispensers listed.
Plumbed in system – we have several varieties of Point of Use – where your tap water is brought into our unit and can be filtered for use.

5.    What finish do I like?   
This is completely up to you – we have white models, stainless steel models, black units – and some are even red to add a little pizzazz to your space.  Its your choice!