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Why Muskoka?

Warmth, style and quality are just a few words to describe the beautiful line of Muskoka Electric Heat products.

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Electric Stoves

Consider the following questions to help narrow down your search in the hunt for the ideal Electric Stove:

1) What is your main reason for purchasing an Electric Fireplace?
a. Look, Ambiance or Refer to our Style Guide to determine your style.
b. Additional heat source of The Electric Stoves will heat up to 400 square feet.

2) Determine what style you are looking for?
a. Contemporary
b. Transitional
c. Traditional

4) What finish/colour suits your area?  Our Electric heat products come in a broad range:
a. Matte Black
b. Stainless Steel
c. Glossy Black
d. Glossy Red
e. Glossy White

5) How much space do you have?
Be sure to measure the desired area and check the units dimensions to be certain the chosen stove is right for you and your space.